Robert Boodey Caverly, son of John, was born at Barrington July 19, 1806. When quite young, he held the office of colonel in the major-general's staff an inspector in the New Hampshire Militia. He graduated from Harvard Law School, and practiced law for six years in Limerick Village, Maine. He later relocated to Lowell, Massachusetts. Robert was a noted attorney and published author. His works are:

He and his wife, Clara Wentworth Carr, had six children, three of whom lived to adulthood.

He was also a poet, and penned this poem about the house his father built in Strafford in 1770.

Old Home

Dear, dear as ever, my native cot
Framed of the father to the world;
My fond old mother marked the lot;
They took it from the land of old.
The giant growth of a thousand years
The sturdy oak, the clambering vine
Fell at the foot of pioneers
That greeted them that olden time...
Old cot, I gaze upon ye now,
Oft changing place to look the o'er
I seem to see the floweret how
It budded blooming at they door
Imparted love to high and low
Those many, many years ago.
Ye tell me of paternal toll,
That fenced the field in fervent care;
Brought golden harvests from the soil,
Through constant culture, generous, fair.
Brave kindly spirits, filial, dear
They fit around me lingering here...

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